Coffee Machine 檀香山咖啡機

To make a good cup of coffee needs four elements 一杯好咖啡需要以下四點:

  1. High quality and fresh ground coffee beans 高品質且新鮮的咖啡豆.
  2. Mix & match of coffee beans 咖啡豆的混合與搭配.
  3. Understanding of the coffee characteristics and a good barista skills 了解咖啡的特點和良好的調製技能.

    Brasilia Cadetta

    QUALITY 質量

    High quality ROSSI BREWING SYSTEM items and large capacity boiler grant faultless thermal
    stability in coffee extraction and absolute coffee quality, cup by cup.
    Brewing group for ground coffee. 高品質的ROSSI調配系統和大容量的煲水缸,保證咖啡杯杯調製穩定,質量上乘。


    • Automatic version (Digital) controlled by electronic at microprocessor. 由電子微處理器控制的自動版
    • Semi-automatic version (P) with continuous delivery by push-button. 帶按鍵的半自動版(可持續沖製咖啡)

    Programmable dispense keys for precise volumetric dosing. 有精確的容量計算功能
    One button for group that enables the continuous delivery. 一個按鈕,咖啡流出順暢,可連續使用

    All chromed wands, one for steam and one for hot water, designed to swivel at 360° to facilitate 握手位均鍍铬,在蒸汽位和熱水位置,方便360度旋轉
    easy operation with the addition anti-burn protection safety handgrips. 額外的防燙傷安全手柄設計,易於操作

    OPTIONAL 可選擇
    •Filter-holder for coffee pods or capsules 有專為咖啡豆設計的過濾支架,也有適合膠囊咖啡的過濾支架

    Ariete Café Roma

    1150-Watt espresso/cappuccino maker with 15-bar pressure system 1150瓦espresso/cappuccino咖啡機,內有15-bar壓力系統
    10-Ounce burr grinder offers dual dispensing system for continued flow or storage 10盎司的毛刺磨床提供了雙配系統,流出順暢,易於儲存
    Anti-drip valve and self-priming system; 防滴漏閥,
    chrome-plated brass filter holder 自吸系統
    1-3/4-quart removable water reservoir; 1/4-3/4的可拆卸儲水容器,
    frother attachment; cup-warming plate 起泡劑附著在內側起保溫功能

    Measures 11 by 13 by 14-inch 11X13X14英吋

    Saeco Idea Cappuccino

    The Saeco Idea Cappuccino office coffee machine is an ideal fresh bean and fresh milk coffee solution for medium to large offices or workplaces. The fully automatic Saeco Idea Cappuccino combines stunning design, hi-tech performance and compact dimensions.
    Operating the Saeco Idea Cappuccino from the preparation of coffee to the dispensing of hot water and steam, is completely automated by the simple press of a button. The Saeco Idea Cappuccino allows to up to 4 milk-based drinks selections, mixing them as desired. All machine functions are programmable from front buttons and digital display with full range customisation for any selectable drink.
    The Saeco Idea Cappuccino is equipped with the exclusive professional cappuccinatore, integrated on the inside of the dispenser. In this way both coffee and milk are dispensed at the same time. The practical and clean hygienic cappuccinatore takes the milk directly from the milk container, transforming it into a thick, creamy foam.
    The cappuccinatore comes standard with a sanitizer that automates the cleaning process for each single use. Saeco Idea Cappuccino辦公室咖啡機為中型到大型的辦公場所提供理想的咖啡和新鮮牛奶的解決方案。全自動的辦公室咖啡機結合了極具吸引力的設計、高科技的性能、緊湊的結構。只要輕輕按動按鈕即可加熱煮水、分離蒸汽與熱水,開始咖啡的沖制。Saeco Idea Cappuccino辦公室咖啡機可調製4種口味的牛奶味咖啡,并可根據自己的喜好將它們混合調製出所需的味道。咖啡機的功能顯示在正面的按鈕和電子顯示屏,可全程操控調製出您想要的飲品味道。
    Saeco Idea Cappuccino辦公室咖啡機分離器的內部配有專業的 cappuccinatore. 這樣咖啡和牛奶可以同時分離。實用衛生的 cappuccinatore 將牛奶直接從牛奶容器中取出,轉換成濃厚的奶油狀。

    瑞士Schaerer Coffee Art (One Grinder)

    • Six beverages at a touch (Espresso, Café creme, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Hot water for tea, Milk foam) 六種口味一觸即有(Espresso、奶油咖啡、卡布奇諾、拿鐵瑪奇朵、熱茶、奶泡)
    • Milk Smart System for perfect milk foam 針對完美奶泡的牛奶智能系統
    • Height-adjustable double outlet for coffee and milk “咖啡+牛奶”雙出口,高度可調節
    • Grinder with precision grinding mechanism 自動確定熱水量
    • Automatic hot water dosing 自動確定熱水量
    • Inlet for ground coffee有咖啡粉入口
    • Automatic cleaning and decalcification programme自動清洗及除垢功能
    • Start/stop dosing action 有加料與停止加料鍵
    • Elegant control panel with touch concept 智能觸屏控制,設計優雅
    • Multi-lingual LCD display 多語言選擇,液晶屏顯示
    • Barista function for adjusting the coffee strength 咖啡濃度可控功能
    • Passively heated cup storage 加熱后的咖啡可保溫存儲
    • Optional coffee bean hopper extension, total capacity 650g 咖啡豆可加料,總容量達650g

    瑞士Schaerer Siena 2

    Perfect for the small office of up to 30 staff- the Schaerer Siena 2 is a fully automatic coffee machine capable of making espresso coffee, long black & cappuccino with ease. The Siena 2 has been in our showroom and is near new. Comes with 12 month parts warranty. 完美地適合30人以下的小型辦公室。Schaerer Siena2能夠沖制Espresso咖啡,黑色卡布其若咖啡。Schaerer Siena2已在展示階段,即將上市。此臺機器有12個月的保修期
    • Swiss Made. 瑞士製造
    • Fully automatic- one touch operation. 一鍵式操作﹣全自動
    • Heavy duty brew group for coffee. 適合沖制咖啡
    • Large 2.8 litre water tank- no plumbing required. 2.8升的儲水裝置,直接連接,無需管道
    • Makes espresso coffee, long back, cappuccino. 可製作Espresso咖啡、Long Back 咖啡、卡布其若咖啡
    • Hot water spout for te.a 熱水沖制熱茶
    • Only 314mm wide. 314mm寬,輕薄
    • 10 amp power required. 所需功率10安培


    • Cooling performance up to 20°C below ambient temperatures. 冷卻可降至20°C以下
    • Non-wearing thermoelectrics, high-performance fan for continuous operation. 高性能高速運轉,不漏電
    • For up to two 1-litre milk cartons. 做多可製作兩個一升的牛奶盒
    Interior lighting. 帶內部照明
    • Supplied complete with 40 cm milk tube. 提供長達40cm的牛奶管
    Sealable tube outlets in both side walls. 兩壁均連有管道,雙出口


    • AI control, LCD display. AI控制,液晶顯示
    • 8 steps adjusted to meet a variety of tastes. 8個步驟,滿足多種口味
    • coffee beans, coffee powder separate inlets. 咖啡豆,獨立的咖啡粉入口
    • one-button to rapid production of coffee, hot water, steam. 快速沖制咖啡,熱水,蒸汽
    • Retrievable drip, water tray for easy cleaning. 可回收滴灌,水管易於清洗
    • Multi-language options. 多語言選擇


    • Product Size 產品尺寸: 235×120×235mm
    • Gift Box Size 禮盒尺寸: 396×201×294mm
    • Carton 紙箱: 4 pcs
    • Product Weight 產品重量: 4.3Kg